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Current Exhibition:

Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller

5 September - 25 October 2014

Land With Opportunity

'Land with Opportunity', Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller's solo exhibition, presents for the first time a series of striking new works that document the changing ‘edgelands’ of a city during the construction of an out-of-town shopping centre. You can watch a short documentary about the exhibition here.

An exhibition catalogue is available here.

Since work began on the controversial new John Lewis Monks Cross II site in York last year, Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller has been working on a unique project to document the transformation of this important landscape. As the project developed, Catherine gained the confidence and support of contractors Caddick Construction and Bowmer and Kirkland. Both companies generously granted Catherine unprecedented access to the site to continue her documentation.

Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller’s penetrating artistic eye lifts the veil on the everyday, the banal, to reveal a darker, more disturbing reality. She can see ‘the skull beneath the skin’, taking quite ordinary, even prosaic, landscapes – some fenced-off farm buildings, a single oak tree, two concrete mixer lorries – and rendering them in wholly new and strangely powerful ways.

Catherine works in the tradition of fine art printmaking – notably combining linocut and etching in 2-plate prints, using the contrasts in the two plates to explore the relationship between the natural and the man-made environments. For the Monks Cross project, she has also worked with laser-cut plates, incorporating these to represent the precision of commercial logos and images in the changing landscape.

'Land With Opportunity' is an important exhibition of a hugely significant body of work, documenting a key point in the cultural heritage and social history of the city of York.

PH1: Artists in Place

Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller is one of four artists selected for a long-term residency as part of PH1: Artists in Place. Over six months, she will document the construction on Peasholme Green of the new landmark Hiscox building. PH1: Artists in Place is curated by Paula Jackson and Robert Teed and supported by Arts Council England.




7 - 9 Nov 2014

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