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Current Exhibition:

kate walters

7 Mar - 26 Apr 2014

Kate Walters: A World Revealed

Penzance-based artist Kate Walters' art is unashamedly mystical, drawing on aspects of myth, shamanism, Jungian collective unconscious and lucid dreaming. It is art that is both universal and uncompromisingly female, presenting what art historian Professor Penny Florence, of the Slade School of Art, calls ‘the visionary freedom of the female principle’.

Walters has said that her work focuses upon the ‘surfacing impulses’ of the ancient feminine wisdom principle sometimes known as Sophia. She explores feelings around the body - her own body and animal bodies - and how she learns about the world through all her senses. As Walters has put it, ’I see that we are all connected, that boundaries are subtle, fluid; I see that a superimposition can occur.’ Professor Penny Florence has stated: ‘Many of us experience the power of animals and plants to affect our well-being…. [Kate Walters’] paintings show us a world that is alert to just such non-communicative, mutually generated understandings… [in] a shared and connected universe’.

According to Walters, her artistic practice involves ‘working with the living net of creation that I feel extends to all species and all phenomena’. She prefers to use watercolour, gum arabic and graphite drawing as media on a gesso-prepared surface, which she claims gives a smooth yet durable surface whilst the watercolour is fluid, rapid, delicate, and easily changed: ‘It is a responsive, living, feminine medium; perfect for my task’.

Kate Walters' 2012 solo exhibition 'The Secret Worth A Thousand', at the Newlyn Art Gallery, was praised by the Guardian for its 'unabashed mysticism, recalling Chagall's dream world' and by the Spectator for 'tapping into primitive shamanistic beliefs in our common ancestry'.

Kate will be artist in residence 22-26 April and will deliver an artist talk in the gallery on Saturday 26 April at 2pm. She will also lead a drawing workshop on Friday 25 April 10am-2pm (cost £45).