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Current Exhibition:

PH1: Artists in Place

17 January - 28 February 2015

Exhibition of work created during the PH1 residency project

A survey exhibition curated by Paula Jackson and Robert Teed that presents work produced during and as a result of the PH1: Artists in Place residency pilot project. Lead artists John Newling, Delaine and Damian Le Bas, Stevie Ronnie and Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller - the 'stars' in PH1's 'four star system' - have spent many days immersed in the centre of York, engaging its public on wide-ranging global issues from a local perspective. Their findings form an integral part of these new works, encompassing a 'new York' perspective that will offer a revitalized and contemporary view of the city.

The exhibition also includes works produced by the following PH1 'satellite' artists, who were mentored and supported during the residencies: Josh Burnell, Julia Davis, Claire Fisher, Eliza Gregory, Jean Harlow, Vesna Milinkovic, Matthew Herring, Annie Morrad, Phil Reynolds and Maru Rojas.

In addition, the PH1 exhibition features an exclusive film of Holocaust survivor Iby Knill reading her poem 'I Was There', commissioned as part of City of York Council's Holocaust Memorial Day Programme 2015. Click here to view on YouTube.