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22 November - 24 December 2014

PH1 Artist's Residency by poet and digital artist Stevie Ronnie

Covet brings together nine talented artists working in different disciplines creating covetable objects. Ceramicist Nigel Matthews is inspired by the eighteenth-century tradition of repairing ceramics using silver, tin and found handles and spouts, whereas Isabel Denyer uses quiet glazes that enable her thrown, reduction-fired stoneware pots to allow food the full chance to 'sing'. Mixed media artist Laura Negus plays with notions of the adorable versus the grotesque, whilst Emma Dickinson is a ceramicist who explores dress patterns and garment construction as both a source of inspiration and a reference for creating beautiful, functional forms. Libby Ward creates jewellery that alludes to and counterpoints her life experience as someone diagnosed with MS; Paul Reid produces functional, wheel-thrown tableware in the English Slipware tradition, using coloured slips to decorate with over a red earthenware clay body; and Sarah Crosby uses porcelain as a canvas on which she questions personal memories and stories through free hand illustrations. Julie Macbean creates drawings and paintings that explore urban life, and Joanne Pearce's jewellery plays with materials and notions of functionality.



Stevie Ronnie

25 November - 20 December 2014

PH1 Artist's Residency by poet and digital artist Stevie Ronnie

Stevie Ronnie is


PH1: Artists in Place

16 January - 21 February 2015

Exhibition of work created during the PH1 residency project

An exhibition curated